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Марьино Голицыных-Строгановых, объект культурного наследия народов РФ в частном владении, Лен. обл., Россия

About the Center DEIMS

The Center «DEIMS» presents the innovative-educational programs of the Image Management Cross-Cultural Awareness, training, Etiquette Role Games and Image management teaching to the creative use of imaginary technologies in social management in professional sphere and in personal life.

Mission of the Center is related to practical embodiment of important world view principle which spreads and on character of man, and on character of organization, and on character of project : an image must have a positive orientation and be harmonious to the environment.

Basic task - to help in forming of image and philosophy of success, in creation the character of competitive, successful enterprise, character of harmonious, attractive man, owning the optimal models of label conduct, continuer of the best cultural traditions.


  1. Business Etiquette Training
  2. Soft Skills & Relationship Building Skills
  3. Dining & Restaurant Etiquette
  4. Professional Image Management
  5. Tradeshow & Convention Etiquette
  6. International and Cross Cultural Etiquette
  7. Social Etiquette
  8. Dining Etiquette
  9. Dress Etiquette
  10. Business Etiquette and Protocol
  11. Business Meeting Etiquette
  12. Relationships & Communication


Business Etiquette Training and Image Consulting

Through entertaining, informative classes and seminars, as well as keynote and breakout sessions for conferences and conventions, Professional Image Management provides your corporate teams with indispensable business etiquette, including international business etiquette, and image development skills. Prepare your employees...and advance your company.

• Improve professionalism and productivity
• Increase employee and client retention
• Generate new business
• Take your company to the next level!

From the power of a professional image, to the impact of communication and interpersonal skills, to the importance of international etiquette, Professional Image Management is a must for every serious company.

International Etiquette: Cross-Cultural Awareness

• Offering Business Etiquette Training,
• Image Consulting,
• International and Cross Cultural Etiquette Training across Russia.

Courses for managers

Courses for business ladies

Business courses

Courses for office staff

Courses for reception organizers

Courses for luxury business

Courses for University students

Courses for schoolchildren

The Course "The Gentleman"

Course "Image of a lady"

Course "High style"

Course "Gender etiquette"

The course "New image"

Course "Wedding etiquette"

Course "Dining etiquette"

Course "Family home"

The course "The Vocal and Music"

Courses for tourists

"Course "Social event""

A coaching session "Restart"


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